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  • March 2, 2018
  • By RG

The New Chapter Begins!

We are super excited as we launch our new website.

We want to welcome you to RG Studio 360 where creativity comes to life. As you can see in the photo below, our home office is set up to do live feeds and caters to an audience we adore.

We love creating and teaching new techniques as well as providing inspiration…

We invite you to join us! Grab a front-row seat, get a behind the scenes look, check out our recaps from our previous classes, get involved with our Facebook lives, and become part of the RG Studio 360 Family.

We welcome you with open arms. Building lasting connections is the best part of what we do…

Join us on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s as we go live on Facebook. We share a lot of project inspiration. Not to mention, we offer online classes and exclusive clubs where we host multiple live virtual classes each month.

Make sure to subscribe to our page, because we offer a lot of FREE stuff – digital downloads and virtual classes.

A big part of the RG Studio 360 initiative is to do a lot of LIVE events virtually. Going live allows us to build real connections with our audience.

From techniques to creative adventure, we love to push creative boundaries by introducing new mediums and getting in front of trends that ultimately enhance your creative journey. By pushing our creative boundaries it allows us to explore.

Thus, RG Studio 360 is blessed beyond measure to have such a talented faithful team.

Let me introduce you to the team!

Dustin (AKA Potato) is a mastermind when it comes to marketing and brand growth.


Rose (AKA Rosemary) is the most efficient and detail oriented Product Manager in the world. She gets it done and is deadline savvy. Simply amazing and has been with us since the beginning.

Cathy (AKA Cat) has a heart for our people and is truly gifted when it comes to details and management.

Gabby (AKA Babe) she handles all things RG and manages our buying and details of the business needs and growth.

Lastly, (me) Richard Garay (AKA RG) is the creative behind RG Studio 360. I am blessed to be able to re-invent myself with the brand new launch of RG Studio 360. Creativity comes full circle.

Loving to be inspired, I love to share my creativity and love for the craft, because creativity runs full circle.

We have the power to “Create the Life We Want.” No matter what happens we can pick ourselves up and keep going.

It’s our choice to Make Amazing Happen!

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog and visit the new website.

Stay tuned for what’s the come.

Create the Life You Want,

Richard Garay

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